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Shhh, Newcastle's Secret Yoga Is On The Move

How good is yoga? Seriously.

Growing up in "The Steel City" of Newcastle, playing footy, in the gym and a surf here and there, I never really got into practicing yoga. Tbh, I didn't really know much about about it and thought it was only for our female counterparts. A few stretches before or after footy is the closest thing I got to anything that resembled a pigeon pose or downward dog.

Over the past 2 decades, yoga has certainly grown around Newy (that I've noticed). There are over 30 yoga studios in Newcastle and it seems to be growing more and more.

Taking the elevator up to the top floor of Level 5/50 Hunter St Newcastle East, I was excited to find myself stepping into my first face to face yoga class in a while and wow, what a first impression.

This is Yoga Loft Newcastle!

As soon as you step inside, your eyes gravitate towards the silhouette of a sitting Buddha with Nobby's lighthouse in the distance beyond the big glass windows. This has been the home of Yoga Loft Newcastle for the past 8 years. I can't believe this is my first time in the studio.

Outside the studio, it looked like the biggest sea storm since the 2007 Pasha Bulker storm. Inside the studio, you definitely wouldn't know it. That's the beauty of practicing yoga, regardless of what is happening outside of yourself, you can bring it all in and focus on what you want. And that's where the team come in.

The space is a hidden gem however, the credit goes to Cveta and her team for bringing her vision to life however, the space is only one third of the equation of what makes this great.

The other key parts of a any yoga studio, is the team behind the studio. And the team here do it great. They bring a calming presence that allow all members to have the best experience while practicing yoga. A good practice sets up your day and leaves you feeling amazing. There was such a positive energy from everyone when I visited. I felt so good having done the practice. Not just from holding a few stretches, but from meeting some really well balanced people who clearly love what they do. You can see it by how they go about their day, how welcoming they are and how much they want you to have the best experience in their studio every time.

This brings us to the third piece of the puzzle, which is the community. AKA, The 'Lofties'. There is a mix of the young and old, the experienced and a few newbies. Before the class started, with a gaze out the window at the silent storm, a few current members catch up sharing smiles and a hello to any of the new unfamiliar faces to make them feel welcome.

Although Yoga Loft Newcastle is able to offer members online classes, COVID19 has had an impact, as it has for many businesses around Newy.

It sucks that there are so many good people feeling the effects of COVID19. Nonetheless, the team at Yoga Loft Newcastle are as always, so positive and in high spirits.

So if you are looking for a yoga class to try or just want to hang out with good people for an hour, this is the place.

With the main ingredients (the Lofties) relocating to 121 King St on the 15th August 2020, make sure you make your way over to take a class and enjoy everything the team at Yoga Loft Newcastle have to offer. You will not be disappointed.

While I enjoy throwing weights around doing crossfit or duckdiving under a wave, I really enjoy the way Yoga can bring me back to earth and allow me to take control of my breathing, which I can apply to my daily life for my way of managing any general stresses. This is incredibly beneficial during these crazy pandemic times.

You can check out Yoga Loft Newcastle at their new location or via Instagram.


New Location: 121 King St, Newcastle

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About the author:

Josh Phillips; a Newcastle lad that is expressing his passion of fitness, wellness and overall good health to anyone that wants to be better for themselves and those around them. While enjoying crossfit, surfing and family time, Josh is keen to learn, understand and share the meaning, balance and benefits of being 'fit' in all sense of the word. This applies to physical, emotional, nutritional, spiritual and mental fitness. Josh is keen to get 'fitter' and to help build a healthier community through FitLivn.



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