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Winning: Free Personal Scorecard To Check In With Yourself

Oh that winning feeling...When was the last time you checked in on yourself. It's awesome to see so many channels available to think about your mental wellbeing. But i'm referring to digging a little deeper and really looking at where you are holistically in your life.

Sometimes we are smashing it at this game of life and other times not so much. Sometimes we think we are but when you go through the detail, perhaps not. And very often, we think we are not winning at all when actual fact, we are kicking a lot of goals but it's just one or two areas of our life that we need to reset.

There are a number of self assessments available however we have created a scorecard for you to use to recognise where you are in your life and what you can do to progress towards your goal.

The idea is to illustrate key areas of your life and mark where you feel you are at with each of them. There are no right or wrong answers. This is completely how you 'feel' at any given point in time.

Over a period of time, you will see a certain trend of progress based on what actions you are taking to improve your overall wellbeing and fitness in each area.

Health: This refers to your physical and mental health, spiritual health and emotional well-being.

Nutrition: Are you eating fresh produce? Are you cutting out sugar? Are you eliminating processed foods? Are you drinking enough water each day?

Relationships: Refer to how you see your relationship with your family, your kids, with your partner, with your friends and with your work colleagues. Is meeting new people part of your goals? Is joining community groups a goal over the next few months? Is your circle of friends the right fit for you in your life?

Finance: Are you spending responsibly? Are you saving enough for that new home deposit? Are you on track to be able to travel at the end of the year? Do you have the best interest rate on your home? Do you know how to invest wisely? Do you need a pay raise?

Personal Development: Have you changed over the past year? Are you learning anything new? What are you reading? What are you listening to? What are you watching? What information are you consuming? Have you 'levelled up' lately?

Career & Business: Are you stuck in your job? Are you smashing it at work? Are you being recognised at work? Have you got new leads for your business this month? Have you looked at starting that side hustle? Align your goals with where you are and what you are doing each day.

Sometimes, it feels like your'e winning at one area of your life at the expense of another. That doesn't have to be the case. It could be holistically better to be sitting with all above average than with some high and some in the low range.

Download the scorecard here for free and if you want to level up with some accountability, email us to keep you honest as you progress toward your goals and get back on track.

Have a crack at filling in your personal scorecard. You can print it out or download it on your device and edit by filling in the gaps. If you need a hand, drop us a line.

Once you've completed it, now what happens......

To work through any problem/issue in your life is to first recognise there is a problem or issue.

You now need to visualise where you want that area of your life to be and right it down. Describe it in detail. Be comfortable with it. Be realistic however aim high af.

Now you know where you are and where you want to be. Now what are all the little steps you need to take to get you there. This could be a big list and that's ok. This list is ok to change over time so don't feel like you need to nail it first up.

You now have a gap you need to close, keeping in mind, you don't want to jeopardise any other areas of your life. For example, I want to earn more money however longer hours means less time with the kids or less time working out or seeing friends.

So how do you close that gap? This question is unique to you however progress is king. If you can make even the smallest improvements towards your goal, the gap will start to close.

Keep referring back to your scorecard and redo it regularly. I recommended at least 10mins a week. On Monday afternoon. 7pm. Set the alarm. Again, if you want accountability, send it to me. Do it. Let's get back on the winning feeling of this game of life. You will get there!


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