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Hey legends, my name Josh or JP.

I have to share my thoughts on what I'm working towards. I'm the founder of FitLivn and I am really passionate about everyday people living a healthy lifestyle.

I have this belief that living a healthy lifestyle shouldn't be to hard or a challenging thing to do. If fact, I believe it should be one of the easiest things to do. It may not appear easy however one of the key things I do is I make living healthy is a priority to do so. The second part of that is I make it my routine where I am 'almost' on autopilot in terms of training, eating, seeing friends etc.. so that what I do is second nature and just feels right. And thirdly, I make sure it's interesting but challenging. Throw in something that gets me excited and pumped up to do. Usually something new or different.

Now, just a slight disclaimer, my interpretation of a healthy lifestyle isn't about only eating broccoli and sitting in the gym for hours each day.

This may mean smashing a delicious burger from Newy Burger Co or a Chocolate Milkshake from The Hood in The Junction.

'But', I know I'll have to burn those calories off, especially if I'm tempted by a frothy beer with the boys on a Sunday afternoon. lol.

And, I probably won't be skipping on catching up with friends over an Ice Cream from New Zealand Waffle Cone. Seriously delicious.

My view is that you need to have a healthy balance in your life and ensure you are enjoying what you're doing.

It does absolutely depend on what your 'gym goals' are. If you're competing in body sculpting, maybe wait until after competition to splurge on the cals. lol.

When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, my mental health is right up there and so should yours. Sometimes its worth checking in with yourself just asking, why am I getting 'fit' in the gym. If you are training so you can be more 'fit' and active with your family or friends but don't have time to hang out with your family or friends. This is flag that you need to realign yourself with what your definition of a healthy lifestyle is for you.

So, what does my definition of a healthy lifestyle look like (even though it may be different to yours)?

  • I'm a morning person. Wake up 5:30-6am. Drinking water is a must!

  • I will go for a morning run of around 7km. *I feel comfortable running 7km as the body still feels good after this. If you feel comfortable with 2km or 500m, go for it. I't not a competition. Know your body. Start small and build up.

  • Drink more water!

  • Ocean swimming. Not laps, just jumping in and getting some salt water therapy is great for the soul.*I may go surfing if there's a few waves about.

  • Home to shower and yoga at 7:30am. Make lemon tea. Drink water!

  • Read 10 pages

  • Bluey (on ABC Kids) at 8am.

  • Drink Lemon tea. Prepare breaky for kids, lunches and ready for school/work.

  • School drop off

  • Start work

  • Drink water

  • First meal around 12 (16+ hours since last meal around 7-8pm last night)

  • Drink water and eat more

  • School pick up

  • Train hard at the gym (high intensity workout of weights and cardio)

  • Drink water and eat more

  • School homework/reading

  • Stop eating around 7-8pm

*This is a standard weekday however I will try and make a conscious effort to see friends or extended family as well.

I enjoy the routine but keep it flexible with training types. i.e. I might go mountain biking (just started during ISO), or swimming laps, surfing, trail running, yoga and or gym.

It regards to nutrition, I am open to other diets as I have tried Paleo, vegetarian and just eating whatever and I have found Intermittent fasting works best for me and the easiest to sustain due to not restricting what I'm eating but when I'm eating it. I am not fixed on intermittent fasting however I feel more alert throughout the day, more agile and I am drinking 3-5L of water per day which is so important. I've been doing IF for over 2 years and I feel fine. If I didn't feel any different or worse, I would simply eat breakfast again. Like what Chief Wigam says "if it feels good, do it" #SimpsonsQuote

I am very open minded to trying new things in which may help me and the FitLivn community so if you have ideas, I'm all for it.

Enough about me and my old school love for the Simpsons (and that there is a simpsons quote for everyday living). Back onto FitLivn, I am sharing my story to hopefully resonate with you and if you are in the health and wellness industry in Newcastle, Australia, I want to meet you and share some experiences that you've had and to build a healthier community in which we all want to live.

I am looking for:

  • Gym owners

  • Yoga instructors

  • Meditation teachers

  • Personal trainers

  • Swim teachers

  • Nutritionists

  • Naturopaths

  • Anyone that resonates with the above way of living

Please, let's connect on Instagram/fitlivn or Facebook/FitLivn or Email me josh@fitlivn.com.au

Much love


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