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Does Newcastle Have A Fat or Fit Culture?

Whether or not you believe QLD's Gold Coast is known for its out and about fitness culture. Everywhere you look there are people about in Newy, walking, yogging (as Ron Burgendy would say), surfing, sporting or just casually being active wearing active people.

With the upgrade of Newcastle's harbourside living quarters and the Anzac walk to Merewether, it's not hard to see why novacastrians love getting out and about. Along the way, don't be surprised if you see people doing a bootcamp in Empire park or playing wall ball or Tennis or Cricket in the nets or a game of junior footy (when COVID decides to pack up and leave) between the mighty Souths Lions and West magpies (aka maggots) lol. And it's almost certain, there will be surfers out paddling and perhaps some hang gliders. Everywhere you look, there will be people being 'active' and doing what they enjoy while staying fit.

Not just young people either, lots of young families and the older generation also. It's pretty encouraging that so many people are getting amongst everything that Newcastle has on offer.

When we compare with the Goldy, they have predominately warmer weather all year round. Which I would say should be more of a credit to newy folk getting out there.

Newcastle has so much diversity from bush walks, mountain biking, sand dunes, as well as an amazing coastline full of impressive kodak opportunities. Plus, when you trek it up Strezlecki, you're rewarded with even better views that takes your eye from Swansea Heads then right up Stockton Beach and beyond.

But the question remains, does Newy have the best fit culture?

There are about 70 more gyms and fitness places up the Goldy however they have about 150k more people. Nonetheless, Newcastle is definitely a place for young and old to enjoy a fitter and healthier lifestyle. With so many open places and things to do and see, Newcastle takes the prize for me and it's a great reason to get out and live a little more.

Based on this, I believe Newy has a great fit culture. What's your favourite fitness place? Walking along the beach, mountain biking, hitting the boot camp?

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