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Have You Heard Of That New Gym?

Newcastle has a love affair with being fit, getting in the gym so we can be better people. Whether it's to increase performance on the field or just in general wellbeing, it's such a great way to burn a few calories and sweat it out.

The feeling you get once you've finished a workout is second to none. It's the feeling of accomplishment, of achievement, of a way to thank yourself for getting up and to the gym. You know the feeling, we all do. It feels bloody awesome. Everything feels good.

But the question is, what do you look for in a gym?

Convenience? Membership price? The people? The trainer? The facility? There's a few considerations when going to a new gym. So how the hell do you choose.

We are currently catching up with a number of local gyms, yoga studios and wellness centre owners and managers to see what is happening post-COVID life and what members can expect to see.

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