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With a passion on health and fitness, this new blog promises to provide an insight into the health fitness culture in Newcastle NSW. The blog will look at a few key areas of living a fit lifestyle.

Not just gym fit, but tips on being 'surf fit' or 'mentally fit' or 'match fit'. Whatever your mind and body goals are, there are ways to train it and we will uncover insights from local industry leaders and share them with you.

My definition of 'fit' is being able to keep up with my kids, have energy for a decent surf, proactive with career progression, focus on a good book and be an active friend and partner to those close to me. To do so, i'll need to keep my physical fitness on point, my nutrition (my weakest element) is mindful, my mental fitness in stealth mode and be aware of where I am at so I know where I am at and what I need to improve and work on. We are always growing, moving, expanding. I don't want to just try and keep up, I want to lead the way.

This blog aims to discover how those in the industry keep 'fit' so they can be better at what they love to do.

We will chat to people that love the social aspect of being part of the fit community to people that have started their own gym business, to Personal Trainers and yoga instructors. People that are first time competitors to veteran athletes.

Newcastle has such diversity that this blog include a range of activities around being 'fit. Such as:

  • General gym

  • High Intensity Interval Training

  • Boxing

  • Jujitsu

  • Martial Arts

  • Swimming

  • Gymnastics

  • Team Sports (League, Rugby, Soccer and AFL)

  • Surfing

  • Rock Climbing

  • Mountain Biking

  • Running (triathlons, trail running)

  • Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Spiritual Awareness

It will also look at the mental aspect around being fit anda the nutritional tips for different types of training, when and how to properly fuel yourself pre and post training.

We will aim to provide a mix of everything for anyone wanting to improve themselves and live a fit and healthy lifestyle.

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