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Find Your Inner Animal

Last week, I got to try out an Animal Flow session. This is one type of movement offered by Helen at Newcastle based Movement Continuum.

What is Animal Flow? Initially, I suspected animal flow to be a relaxing, slow and controlled type movements in the form of how animals relax and meditate. i.e. Japanese Snow Monkey chilling out in natural hot springs...

After having a chat and experiencing an Animal Flow session with Owner and Instructor Helen, it was quite a bit different.

I had just finished a pretty intensive Crossfit workout a few hours earlier, had a decent breakfast and felt pretty good and relaxed, ready to try this new type of coaching.

Coaching sessions are generally 1-1 or small groups (while COVID is around) so it's good to get the detail down prior to getting into the flow itself.

It was good to have the experience of Helen to talk through a few of the foundational quadruped animal inspired movements which required a bit of a warm up of the wrists. After a bit of playing around with the movements and to get a feel of each of them (this was ideal as a newbie), we were ready to start to combine the moves into a flow that would test the quads and hands. As we're moving, you feel the test in staying low to the ground, the quads are starting to burn and the eyebrow sweat appears out of nowhere.

Midway through, I had a familiar thought (that I sometimes get during a chipper wod at crossfit), 'hold on, we're almost done'. The burn is a good burn. I think Helen could sense my trembling quads and arms, but she reassured me that I was doing fine.We finish up and I sit. It's a good workout. I was pleasantly surprised at how tough and fun it was.

I felt like it was an intense yoga workout mixed with a bit of the Brazilian martial artform, Capoeira, and gymnastic type movements. For a newbie, it was really enjoyable....and hard....but good fun.

You know it's good when you're getting a workout and having fun doing it at the same time. I would recommend it anyone that is interested in trying something different or to test themselves in a different way, to get in touch and try out a session.

It's great to have Helen's years of experience, previously operating in the Blue Mountains and now offering these sessions for us Novacastrians. It's also good to know that there are online sessions that would be perfect during these crazy COVID times, particularly as you need next to no equipment.

Movement Continuum uses a variety of facilities across Newcastle.

You can get in touch with Helen via the following links




Thanks for reading.

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