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There's a lot more than 3 however, the obvious fact that a FITLIVN membership can get you all your health and fitness feels under the one banner is next level.

  1. Variety.

Having access to multiple gyms, yoga studios and swimming pools now provides so much flexibility in your training regime. For example, Monday is for high intensity training, Tuesday is Yoga, Wednesday is swimming, Thursday is Gym and Friday is Yoga again.

Variation is an element that a single gym membership may not offer. I can still go to my favourite gym. But now I can also do a session in the pool or change gyms that are closer to work.

  1. Community

I've met so many great people at my gym. It seems that we have a common interest and that is something we're passionate about and can bond over in and out of the gym.

Also, having a friend on the FITLIVN network means I can train with them on the odd occasion without having to sign up for a different gym. This just adds another reason to train. Love this feeling.

  1. Overall Fitness

After jumping back in the pool for the first time for a while, I've come to realise my fitness in that department is completely different and I need to keep it up more regularly. Same goes for my mobility. Doing Yoga is really beneficial when doing gymnastic movements also. Win win.

If you want to discover more about the FITLIVN network, please head to fitlivn.com.au or facebook.com/fitlivn or Instagram.com/fitlivn

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