"Diversify Your Training. In the Gym, Pool or Yoga Studio"


"The Lifestyle Membership For Everybody"

Membership Details


This is the Basic Membership that allows members to access the approved associated health and fitness facilities listed here.


  • No lock in contracts

  • Access to approved swimming pools

  • Access to approved fitness facilities

  • Access to available fitness classes

  • Discounted yoga and wellness classes


Prices from

$19.95 per week

Whether you are new to exercise or an experienced athlete, FIT LIVN members are improving themselves everyday to live a healthier lifestyle for their families, friends and most importantly, THEMSELVES.

Relieving stress, building confidence, expanding relationships and having a proud sense of ownership towards your lifestyle is what we all want for our community members.

This is why FIT LIVN is bringing flexible membership options  the member while providing an easy to use service across a range of health and fitness services to help you to lead a healthier lifestyle .

FIT LIVN is teaming up with multiple wellness facilities every month that offer a range of different services including swimming, yoga, traditional gyms and fitness classes.

How It Works

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General Terms:

FIT LIVN members must be 18 years of age or older.

The member is required to sign in to the approved facility upon the members first visit or prior and agree to the relevant policies and requirements from that approved facility.

The member shall act in accordance to the visiting facilities OHS policies.

Cancellation fee is equal to one month membership.

In selecting a FIT LIVN membership, you are agreeing to FIT LIVN terms and conditions outlined here and within 

For full terms and conditions of a FIT LIVN membership, click here.


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