Frequently Asked Questions


What is a lifestyle community?

The FitLivn Lifestyle community are for people that want to live and be part of a healthier community. Members will have access to a range of wellness facilities as well as a supportive network around living a healthier lifestyle. 

Is membership available right now?

Due to demand, we are accepting expressions of interest so members can be shortlisted. Register below to be notified when memberships are available for you in your area.

How do I become a member?

Please register your membership interest by contacting us. Click here.

Are there lock in contracts?

No, there are no lock in contracts.


Can anyone become a member?

Yes. Please contact us and we can estimate when you can access the available facilities in your area.


Does FitLivn own the facilities?

No, FitLivn does not own the facilities. Facilities are owned by various businesses and local councils that FitLivn have agreements with.

What type of facilities?

Traditional gyms, Functional fitness gyms, Swimming centres, Yoga studios, Meditation and Wellness Centres etc..

What if I can't use a facility due to COVID19?

Your fees may be placed on hold if suitable however FitLivn will advise all members accordingly.

I own a facility, how do I get register so FitLivn members can use my facility?

Please register your interest by contacting us below.

How do members get inside each different facilities?

Once you become a member of FitLivn, you will have an individual profile. When you use the facility for the first time, you may need to 'sign up' with that facility as a FitLivn member. Each facility on your member profile will have your access details. 


Where are the facilities located?

Currently in Australia only. Please contact us with interest in your area.


Who manages the membership payments and is it secure?

FitLivn has engaged EziDebit which is a common direct debit saas business in Australia and New Zealand. See for more info.

How do I contact FitLivn?

See below contact form or via our social media.

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